Titan - Payday

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Show me the money I slaved away. Sunshine and honey for a rainy day. I sell myself each day. I'm a bargain buy my soul. I wanna be somebody, a servant of cash flow. Dreaming of a big house with a picket fence. Second mortgage me for a new car. I'll buy a talking fridge and I'll have babies. I'll have no time to know them but they're mine. Give me sofa freedom. God is nearby. Live my life like they live theirs. I live their dream, just like I was told. Happiness is coming just have to wait for payday. Mayday.


from Split with Witness The Fall, released January 9, 2016



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Titan Mechelen, Belgium

Titan was formed in Januari 2014. In every aspect of the music and content, Titan tries not to be over influenced by the dissonant hardcore style of the late 90's - early 00's.

We might not succeed in doing so.

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